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writemeasonnet's Journal

2 September 1989
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Well...I am me. I'm an original. I dislike drama and catty women and dick head guys. I adore making and looking at art. Also reading is like breathing to me. Have to have books. I live with a kitten named Loki (after the Norse God, yesss) and a mutant mixed raptor/dragon/black lab/Australian Shepard dog named Lola (off of the stuck up bitch fish thing in Shark Tale, not my choice). I'm a purist when it comes to DIY and try to make everything. I'm proud of my heritage, which in me mixes Polish, Czechoslovakian, Irish, German, French, and very little Russian. I believe in the Earth and mother nature and the goddesses that protect us then any other faith. If you would like to know anything don't hesitate to ask...I usually answer anything. An open book right here. :)